Green and Gold – Alternative Album Cover

Posted on Illustration

Meeting my guitar in the city
Feeling like a star in the city
And suddenly it seems that I’m where I’m supposed to be, oh And now I’m fully grown
And I’m seeing everything clearer
Just sweep away the dust from the mirror
We’re walking hand in hand on the warm white sands I’m looking at a life unfold
Dreaming of the green and gold
Just like the ancient stone
Every sunrise I know
Those eyes you gave to me
That let me see
Where I come from

Lyrics from Green and Gold by Lianne La Havas


On her album Green and Gold, Lianne La Havas sings about herself growing up. A coming of age story which begins with her at six years old, wondering where life will take her. Now, fully grown she feels like a star in the city.

I wanted to capture this feeling. The golden sheen of light falling on her face, feeling at peace where she is now. It connected with how I felt in Milan studying at NABA these last two weeks, completely at home, exactly where I needed to be right now. Making it quite a personal project and a nice way to end this summer course.
This illustration has unexpectedly been one of my favourite projects from the course, as an album cover is such a free interpretation of music.