Book Cover: Breast Cancer Research

Posted on Illustration

“Navigating towards the unseen margins of non-palpable breast cancer’ is the result of Natasja Janssens extensive exploration on researching breast cancer. To be given the opportunity to design and illustrate the cover of a book regarding such an important topic, was a true honour. 

We wanted this book to feel ‘light’ and ‘healthy’ as the research is about improvement and recovery rather than illness. Out of several ideas and references Natasja loved, we went with line drawings. They underline the light feel we wanted to attain. 

These lines make up the woman stretching out to the air, as she seems free and careless. Staying away from ‘sickness’ dominating the cover. The outlines of the woman are kept as simple as possible. To gain attention to the inner lines. As the research focusses on the ‘navigation’ of the surgeon, to find the cancer cells, I incorporated elements of way-finding and contour lines found on maps, to give the woman her female shape. 

The pink is light, feminine and recognisable for the subject, as it has been linked to Pink Ribbon and Breast Cancer Awareness-Month, it also gives way to the white and darker colours on the book’s cover. Making the title visually interesting as well.