Logo & Label for De Witte Non – Leipe Gose beers

Posted on Animation

Robert Nonner and Remco Witjes, the founders of Gose-beer brewery De Witte Non (the white nun) contacted me to design the logo for their brand, plus the label for their first beer: Leipe Gose.

Gose beer originates from Germany, where it was brewed with water from the Gose river. The boys wanted the logo literally representing a nun. With a clean and modern twist.

The final logo consists of one line. representing the Gose river:


For their label, I constructed a pattern out of a detail on Gose’s flag, which I repeated over and over again. Simultaneously the pattern is reminiscent of stained glass; a reference back to the nun.
The initial idea was to have it printed on transparent label, to actually see the beer through the “glass”. But sadly, due to the printer’s options and limited time this wasn’t possible. So we went with a white label and a fading pattern.